Double Hung Windows

What is a Double Hung window?

It’s a window featuring an upper and lower sash that can slide past each other in a single frame. Both the upper and lower sashes tilt in for easy cleaning.

Double hung windows provide these benefits:

  • Increased control over air circulation due to the option to open either the top or bottom sash
  • Easy cleaning because of removable or tilting sashes—no need for ladders or even going outside
  • No breakage concerns from strong winds or accidents that are associated with outward opening or protruding window styles
  • Versatility—options of full or half screens, placed on either the inside or outside of the window
  • Increased efficiency, lowering energy bill costs with superior seals and double or triple panes

With so much versatility in form and function, double hung windows have become the standard window choice for homeowners around the country. They complement more architectural styles, modern or traditional, than any other modern windows.