Let’s talk about the gas situation.  The most common gas used to provide the insulation in an IGU is Argon.  Argon is an inert gas and it provides good insulation because it does not react to the flow of energy through it and because of its density it resists conduction.  Argon is the most common gas used in the window industry because it is the most available dense inert gas on the planet.  There is one other gas used that is less common and that is Krypton (and no, not the substance that rendered Superman powerless.  That was Kryptonite.)  Krypton is a better insulator than Argon, but it is very expensive to produce.  Some companies will offer a mix of Argon and Krypton together, but they are unable to tell you the ratio, or reluctant to.  Either or, unless you are getting a verifiable and substantial proportion of Krypton in the insulating space, what you’re essentially getting is just enough to justify printing “Krypton” onto the label but not enough to affect the energy efficiency of the IGU.

How much pane are you ready for?  By definition, an Insulated Glass Unit has two panes, but you can opt for a third pane.  Triple pane IGU’s can provide phenomenal thermal capabilities when combined with multiple layers of Low E, and the relatively thin voids left by the middle pane make it a good fit for a pure Krypton fill.  These are some of the most expensive units you can buy, but they can deliver some sub .20 U Factors.


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